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22 Ianuarie 2024 In Știri

Informare : In data de 31 ianuarie 2024, la ora 14, in sala E21 de la Facultatea de Stiinte Economice va avea loc intalnire cu Dl. Rector al Universitatii Lucian Blaga din Sibiu pentru prezentarea programului managerial in vederea noii candidaturi.

18 Ianuarie 2024 In Știri

Mai jos regăsiți metodologia privind organizarea taberelor studențești.

Anexe metodologie tabere studentesti 2024

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Metodologie tabere studentesti 2024

16 Ianuarie 2024 In Știri

The e-Teach Project is excited to showcase its key results in this exclusive multiplier event. Our mission is to empower educators, teachers, and future teachers with the knowledge and tools to integrate digital technologies effectively into their teaching practices. In this event, we will present:
1️⃣ "Knowledge Paper of Upskilling Digital Pedagogy for Teachers" - A comprehensive guide to digital pedagogy, providing insights and strategies for educators to thrive in the digital era.
2️⃣ "Modular Course Curriculum for Digital Pedagogy" - A flexible and adaptable curriculum designed to help teachers and future teachers enhance their digital teaching skills at their own pace.
3️⃣ "Scenario-based Digital Pedagogy Teacher Guide" - A practical resource filled with real-world scenarios and best practices for seamless learning and teaching in digital environments.
4️⃣ "Online Course on Digital Pedagogy" - An engaging and interactive online course that dives deep into the principles and practices of digital pedagogy, suitable for educators of all levels. Don't miss this opportunity to explore these innovative resources that are set to revolutionize education in the digital age. Whether you're an experienced educator or a future teacher, this event will provide valuable insights and tools to help you excel in the modern classroom.

e-Teach: Upskilling Digital Pedagogy for Teachers and Future Teachers will be online at 10:00, 18th of January:

e-teach Flyer (.pdf)

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