Things to Do in Sibiu: 9 Activities to Experience During Your Student Life

Sibiu has a lot to offer for the new students that choose to study at our university during their student years.

Here we picked the Top 9 Things to Do in Sibiu During Your Student Life that we highly recommend for you.

From sports and outdoor activities, to cultural meetings, volunteering and events, Sibiu offers endless engaging activities. Moreover, so many different lifestyles can be seen all over town. Especially for students, Sibiu is making the student life easier in the town, from gyms & coffee shops to your favorite bookstore.

Sports you can do in Sibiu

The people in Sibiu love to stay healthy by doing exercises and sports activities. All over Sibiu, there are a lot of public spaces, available to everyone. These spaces are built specifically for all sorts of sports, from football stadiums to volleyball courts and even swimming pools.

sport in the park

In Sibiu, you also have gyms open all over the town. Not just to stay in shape, but to enjoy the environment of the different gyms.

Nightlife in Sibiu

The number of night clubs is limited but you will definitely find the right one for you. We are used to organizing house parties or rent a chalet not far away from the town. The Backyard event is an outside party that is happening from June till October maybe November if the weather is warm. 

Clubbing in Sibiu

Discounts around Sibiu

Students may take advantage of various discounts in all types of activities. For example, there are discounts for students who use public transport as their day-to-day transportation method. And also discounted entrance fees to events and cultural activities. Last but not least, other discounts in the field of food and beverages, especially for the Student Canteen.

Sunny day in Sibiu

Sibiu will always be very fun because there is always something interesting to do. Sibiu is one of the most visited cities in Romania because it has many interesting activities that do not let boredom reach you.

windmill in Sibiu for a sunny day outside

As for what you can do during the day, where we can help you with many ideas. If you prefer to walk with a local who will tell you stories about the places you see, try a guided tour, from here you can visit some of the most famous museums: Brukenthal Museum and Astra Museum.

We recommend you spend a whole day in the Astra museum. It is huge and you need at least one day to visit it in its entirety. Therefore, here are always extremely interesting and interactive events, through which its traditional houses are placed.

Stay healthy and try outdoor activities

Outdoor activities around the town are very varied. Choose to try our paintball games in abandoned buildings and playing fields for a great price. You can also go to an open-air play at the Bis Garden or even an open-air symphonic concert on Cetatii Street.

paintball in Sibiu

Mountain activities in Paltinis

Because the city is close to the mountain station Paltinis, in winter or summer does not matter the season you have a lot of activities to do from skiing and snowboarding in the winter season to mountain bike and hiking in the summer season. You can go to Arka Park which is close to the station or riding an SUV or ATV in the forest. Feel close to nature all the time.

Besides all this, there are also the classic ones: ATV rides, paintball, and other outdoor games hiking, and so on.

Volunteer all year

To be a volunteer in your student life, is pretty important for your CV. Because your future employer will take in consideration your interest and involvement in different activities. Since Sibiu is a great place for this kind of thing, we have different places to volunteer because in the summertime the town has a festival every week.

 Redbull Romaniacs Volunteering

Being the most important volunteer program of the years is FITS (International Theatre Festival Sibiu), the program will bring a lot of benefits to your future career. You will have a free entrance to the most beautiful theatre shows.

Events all the time

We have many events such as the FITS International Theater Festival, the FRINGE Festival, the FOCUS Festival, TIFF Festival, and the JAZZ Festival. Also in Sibiu, you can go to fashion events such as Feeric Fashion Week and Sibiu Fashion Days.

FITS show outdoor

Because Sibiu has a lot to offer, we also have activities for those who love strong sensations such as Red Bull Romaniacs and Sibiu Rally Challenge. You can also participate in Cibin Fest, Medieval Festival, and many many music festivals.

Lifestyle in Sibiu

Students have a pretty active lifestyle with lots of both daytime and nightlife activities. In regards to living costs, the lifestyle in Sibiu is affordable for every student. While choosing to spend your time in Sibiu, you can experience any lifestyle you would like. Your time spent here can be either relaxing and quiet or you can party and have memorable experiences, both cheap and expensive… the choice belongs to you.

Photo credit: Pixabay

Sorina METIU, Andrea MATE, Andrei MATE, Angelo PASCU, Rebeca SECU, Fabiana TALVAN

We are students from the Business Administration profile, we love Sibiu and we hope to get our bachelor degree with as much memories as possible.

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