Sibiu by Night for Students: Clubs, Pubs, and Parties

Ultimate guide for students nightlife in Sibiu

The main thing new students are looking for when they are starting university is fun, and mostly this fun happens during the nighttime. There are a lot of places where students can party in Sibiu and in this article you can find where, when and how to party, the main events, parties, clubs, pubs and restaurants.

About Sibiu

Although Sibiu is not a big city, it has plenty of places where you can have the night of your life. It is common for students to look for a club when they feel like they want to go out, but clubs are not the only places where they can do that… there are parties everywhere and you only have to choose where to go.

Affordable Pubs

It’s common knowledge that before going out you have to eat first and drink after and here you can find the most accessible pubs to start out you evening. Supporter pub is located near the city center, near the main clubs and it is a good choice if you are looking for an affordable dinner.

Corner pub and Music pub are also good choices in this direction. While Corner is just for hangouts, in Music pub and Imperium you can find live concerts.  

If dinner is not what you are looking for and you only want the have drinks on a night out, then the best places for students with a low income are Geea, Cheers, and Journal.

Best Clubs in Sibiu

A fine dining and a couple of drinks later, most of the students head out to where the real party is.

Cotton the Pub’s main event is on Tuesday, Student night when all the drinks are on discount for students. Oldies Pub is one of the main choices when students want to find a place to party, there you can find music for all tastes. Liquid the club is among the choices for good fun for students in Sibiu.

Cool Parties to Attend

Beside the clubs you can find a lot parties in different locations with music for everyone and every taste.

On Fridays, The Box organizes entertaining events with house music. If you are into techno music, Aqua Pub is the best place for you.

During the summer time a pool party is exactly what you need and Extaz throws amazing ones. Also, if you want to stay and party outside, Backyard and Mango could be a match for your taste.

Karaoke Nights & Other Activities

Karaoke is not for everyone but the ones who like it can have a good time doing it at Mon Café and Oldies.

If your kind of fun is playing sports, bowling and billiard are the main sports you can practice during the night at Arena B52 and Voodoo.

Regaining Your Energy

After all this fun you must be so hungry and the last stop should be a place to eat. You can choose from a variety of restaurants. Among the fast-food restaurants are McDonalds, KFC, Dabo Doner, Turkish and Super Mamma. If fast-food is not one of your preferences than El Gringo is a non-stop restaurant where you can find all kinds of food. 

If you have been through all of these places, then you must have had the night of your life and it is already morning. So go with the flow, party your heart out in Sibiu and be happy.

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Raluca MINEA, Dennisa STANCIU, Andrei BĂRA & Ionuț ȘUȘA

This blog post was developed by students at Business Administration study programme.

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