Volunteering Opportunities for Students: Best Festivals in Sibiu

Volunteers at Astra Film Festival 2020

The simplest solution to meet new people, improve your skills, and occupy your free time? Volunteering!

Sibiu is famous for all the events and volunteering opportunities for students it provides. There are multiple festivals for which you can become a volunteer, earn experience in different domains, and have fun, at the same time.

Our team would like to introduce you to our top 3 best festivals from Sibiu, where you would love to be a volunteer. In this article, we will present you the benefits you can get from volunteering and the contact information for these student opportunities.

Astra Film Festival

Astra film festival- outside boat session - volunteering opportunities for students
Credits: Fodor Cristian

ASTRA FILM FESTIVAL is a major event in the European film community. It offers a variety of programs showing the diversity and the current tendencies of documentary film.

Most importantly, there are so many benefits associated with student volunteering at Astra Film Festival, such as:

  • receiving a diploma attesting to your involvement in the festival and which can serve as a recommendation for future activities in the field
  • learning from professionals and live their own experiences organizing such an important event as an international film festival.
  • gaining new friends and fun
  • gaining free access to the movies in the program, a few minutes before the start of the movie, within the available seats
  • receiving a badge, AFF T-shirt, sandwich
  • attending a super party for all volunteers, at the end of the festival

There are several departments that you can join, for instance:

  • Managing Guests
  • Info-Point
  • Logistics
  • Projection Halls And Locations
  • Crisis Cell
  • Astra Film Junior

Certainly, if you want to become a volunteer, representatives from ASTRA Film Festival will welcome you with open arms.

Sibiu Artmania Festival

crowd at a rock concert at Artmania Festival
Credits: Fodor Cristian

As the first Romanian festival that has brought on the local market the concept of ​​combining art with entertainment, ARTmania Festival is a platform dedicated to promoting all forms of artistic expression inspired by rock culture.

This festival was founded in 2006 and going strong ever since. ARTmania Festival has been designed since the very beginning to offer an unique and unforgettable experience to rock lovers from all over the world.

Above all, it is a solid choice for volunteering amongst students, because if you join this festival, you can even get involved in the organizational process. The qualities expected from volunteers are: dynamism, communication and attention to details, proactive attitude, enthusiasm, teamwork and flexibility, as well as being able to speak English.

Most importantly, you will benefit of this volunteering opportunity in different forms, such as:

  • volunteer bracelet
  • free access to the concerts
  • new friends and business relations
  • good times 🙂

Moreover, volunteering support can be found on the webpage of the festival.

rock singer at Artmania festival
Credits: Fodor Cristian

Sibiu International Theater Festival (FITS)

FITS brings together actors, performers and volunteers from all over the world, uniting them to create shows never seen before in Romania. 

As a volunteer at FITS, you will have multiplebenefits, like:

  • having the opportunity to get free training in organizing events
  • gaining life experience
  • acquiring useful skills in organizing different activities
  • receiving volunteer T-shirt and badge
  • obtaining a volunteer certificate that can be considered professional experience and can be added to your CV
  • gaining new friends and business relationships.
Performers  at Sibiu International Theater Festival
Credits: Fodor Cristian

Thus, if you are interested in this opportunity, here are the steps you will need to follow to become a FITS volunteer:

  • Application: You have to complete an online form ( that you can find on their website or social media)
  • Interview: You must participate in an interview with FITS representatives
  • Training courses: You have to take seven training courses. During these courses, you will learn fun things about the festival and other interesting things on a wide range of topics, such as Romania and rules of good conduct.

So, are you convinced? Here are the departments where you can apply for FITS:

  • Display
  • Performance scholarship
  • Crisis Cell
  • Companies 

Whatever your department choice might be, becoming a FITS volunteer will be one of the coolest experiences ever!

Performers at Sibiu International Theater Festival - volunteering opportunities for students
Credits: Fodor Cristian

Moreover, Economic Sciences Students have multiple opportunities in Sibiu, ranging from networking, educational events, volunteering, or job opportunities.

So, do you still need more volunteering opportunities for students? Don’t worry…we got you.

For instance, you can expand your research on even more volunteering opportunities in Sibiu.

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