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Are you a student in Sibiu? Have you ever had a day when you were completely bored and had no idea what to do? Here are a few ideas of things you can do when the sun is up and your mood is down.

Go for a walk

As you probably already know, Sibiu is an historic city and that means that you can see a lot of interesting things around. The city center is an amazing place to take a walk in and take great photos. You can walk around the narrow streets and see old buildings or the “eyes of Sibiu”, which are the windows of the old houses’ attics.

Piata Sfatului, Piata Huet, Piata Armelor and Cetatii Street are beautiful places where a walk can take you to magical realms. Also, you can take a walk around Podul Minciunilor which is one of the most famous bridge in the country.

Or you can try and go further away and see the ASTRA Museum of Traditional Folk or the Open Air Museum, which is one of the largest outdoors museums.

Go for a ride

If you are more of an active person, then we suggest you go and rent a bike. It is very cheap and it can take you to a lot of wonderful places outside of the city.  Most of the bikes routes are to Rasinari, Cisnadie or Cisnadioara.

In Rasinari, you can stop by Montana Garden. This is a beautiful restaurant, just at the entrance of the village where a lot of people go to have their lunch and dinner, and relax in a traditionally-designed place.

Go even further and you will find Mai Bed and Breakfast which is an amazing location for taking a breath of fresh air. There, you can spend the night and continue your ride in the morning.

If you feel adventurous take your chances and go up to Paltinis. This is a harder route to take, with 21 km of serpentines, but it will be worth the effort because the sightings are extraordinary.

The other route, to Cisnadioara is easier to take and closer to the city. There, you can see the Fortified Church if you want to hike a bit up the hill. If you are not into history that much and you just want to relax, then you can choose to have lunch at the Apfelhaus Restaurant, which has its own apple orchard. There, you can taste apple dishes, as well as other types of food in a rustic location.

From Cisnadioara, you can take the road down to Cisnadie. There, you can stop by the lake, where you can rest on the terrace or rent a boat and have another adventure.

Feeling brave?

If you are into something more extreme, don’t worry we have something for you too.

While you are in Paltinis on your bike ride stop by the Arka Park where you can climb, jump and have a wonderful time. You can also find an Arka Park in Sibiu, which is focused on indoor activities.

You can also try carting. Go and drive around the circuit, get into competitions and make some new friends.

After you have gotten to know your new friends, take them to Xcape Room and solve some mysteries together. Otherwise, have some fun at Paintball.

These are just a few fun activities to do in Sibiu as a student, and you wouldn’t want to miss them.

Relaxation Time

Not an active person? That is fine, there is something for everybody.

If the weather is sunny and warm, we recommend you go to a pool and relax. You can find one in Sibiu but also in Ocna Sibiului, Avrig, Cisnadie and Talmaciu. The bus will take you there in no time.

Also, you can try having a barbeque with your friends in Curmatura, Gura Raului and Raul Sadului. These locations are green places in the heart of the mountains where the fresh air will give you a feeling of freedom.

When the weather is not by your side, you can go and check out the interior pools at Aria Spa and Hilton.

Your perfect day is now over and you didn’t even notice how the time has passed by and how many things you can do in Sibiu as a Student.

If you still have energy you can check out our blog about the Nightlife in Sibiu so you know where to party during the night.

Raluca MINEA, Dennisa STANCIU, Andrei BĂRA & Ionuț ȘUȘA

This blog post was developed by students at Business Administration study programme.

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