Best Starting Jobs for Students In Sibiu

As a student, you will be able to earn some pocket money while you study at our university.

In this article, we present the best starting jobs for students in Sibiu to earn some money during their stay in college.

1. Helping people on the phone

This is one of the best starting jobs for students in Sibiu. With this job, your program can be very flexible.

If you are speaking a foreign language, working in a call center will bring you money for all your upcoming student parties, but also free time.

Customer Support Agent - as a great starting job for students
Customer Support Agent

Some call centers in Sibiu offer the option of a part-time job, and these are Stefanini, Majorel, Keep Calling, and if you know German E-on might be a good option for you. These are only the four main companies, but if you look deeper for a job in this domain, we’re sure you will find additional opportunities.

2. Earning some money while learning

Internship Jobs in Sibiu
Advising customers in a call center

Are you a student or recent university graduate? Because of the big volume of students in Sibiu, the companies adopted the internship program to help them gain experience.

The objectives of this program are to acquire certain skills for future employees. You can decide among different types of internships: HR, taxes, banks, etc.

Here are some big companies where you can apply to this internship program: IFM, Continental, Takata, Marquart.

3. Starting a job in mixology

Bartender job in Sibiu.
Bartending in Sibiu

In your free time, while being a student in Sibiu, you have plenty of opportunities for your starting job. More and more students choose to start bartending in different locations due to the atmosphere. The interaction level is a great way to meet new people. Sibiu has a lot of pubs and bars open all around the city, during all seasons.

You will be trained by professionals and then you will be able to use your skills for upcoming parties. Tips are a bonus on this job and your schedule will be quite flexible. So, you will also have time for courses and seminars.

4. Learning how to sell

Promotions jobs in Sibiu
Brand Ambassador in pubs

As a brand ambassador, you represent the company that you are working for in a positive manner.

You have the possibility to adjust your work schedule according to your classes. Additionally, you can work full time or part-time. The job is flexible and easy. In Sibiu the largest promotions company is Mercury360, but there are also Bloom and Clock.

5. Working in a fun shopping  environment

In Sibiu, there are 2 shopping centers where students can earn some money by working there.

The first one is “Shopping City Sibiu” where you can find a total of 122 different places where you could work… from regular clothes shops to fast-food restaurants and even a new cinema. The second one is “Promenada Mall” and it’s situated in a more central area while the other is located at the city’s periphery. At “Promenada”, there are 116 stores with the same diversity as the other mall.

Promenada Mall Sibiu

The wages at the mall may vary depending on the workplace that you will have, but most of the jobs are paid well and some of them will give you the option to work part-time and have enough time for studying.

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Sorina METIU, Andrea MATE, Andrei MATE, Angelo PASCU, Rebeca SECU, Fabiana TALVAN

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