5 Tips for Students to Maintain Work and Study Balance

work and study balance for students

Managing your time as a student is an important matter. Below are our 5 best tips so you can improve your work and study lifestyle.

There is always a problem with the cost of living while attending university studies. Students all around the world are trying to find jobs without affecting their college schedule. Maintaining a balance between work and study is difficult because both activities are time-consuming and overwhelming.

Here are some tips to adapt to the working-studying life much easier.

1. Organize your tasks!

Organizing all tasks from your day-to-day activities is a very complex matter and it will take some time. However, it’s a key element for maintaining a work and study balance. The most important aspect here is to always know what you have to do.

The easiest way to do so is by having a schedule with all your activities and tasks. You must understand what you need to organize in your daily activities and focus on the most important things first.

2. Work and study? Join an internship!

You should take advantage of the opportunities that the Faculty of Economic Science offers you, namely internships. You can work and gain experience in a field that interests you, related to what you are already studying. Usually, the employers offer support to students in managing their study-work situation, so you could choose a part-time schedule.

Our Faculty of Economic Sciences has over 50 partnerships with companies, among which you might be interested in UniCredit Bank, Colt, Visma, Continental and many more.

3. Take breaks to maintain the work and study balance!

Working while studying is difficult, so you might end up exhausted. It is important to take some breaks when you feel overwhelmed. Keep in mind that your health is much more important than money or grades.

Also, you will not have the desired results if you are stressed out and tired. You need to take some time for activities that help you relax, in order to deal with your busy schedule.

4. Avoid late deadlines at work and school!

A really important thing that you must do is to never leave anything you can do now for later. At the end of the day everything will add up and you will realize that you don’t have enough time.

A great way to deal with this is to break down the difficult tasks into multiple, smaller ones and do as much as our time allows you.

Another thing that might motivate you can be rewarding yourself for finishing stuff early. Even going out with your mates if you finish an assignment by Monday instead of Thursday can be a good reward 🙂

5. Be realistic! You will not have so much free time.

Be aware that you might have to sacrifice a part of your time in order to achieve your goals. Once you start working, consider the fact that you will not have as much free time as before, meaning fewer hangouts with your friends, or fewer late nights out.

This is the moment when “adult life” starts, and you realize that it’s not as funny as it used to be. At first, it might be a little difficult to adapt to your new lifestyle, but everything will get easier in time as you gain experience.

There are even more ways to balance your university life, including study hacks, positive attitudes, and much more!

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Denisa BENYOVSZKI, Andreea DUMITREAN, Gabriel MARA, Alexandru CUNTAN, Rares MANIG

We are a team of ULBS Economics students, currently in the second year of the Business Administration profile. We want to share with you some experiences and how we solved certain problems we encountered during college.

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