Student Volunteering Opportunities – How to Impact Your Community

As a student, you are able to help your community by volunteering in different organizations, based on your personal interests.

So… Do you have extra time? Does student volunteering sound interesting to? Do you want to engage with your community and have a positive impact in your society? We are here to provide interesting ideas for you.

If you are a student in Sibiu, we’re sure you want to impact the society through student volunteering. That’s why you might be interested in meeting new people. Moreover, it would be useful for you to enhance your CV. A great way to achieve all of these aspects is by engaging with student volunteering opportunities.

In fact, have you considered the following organisations as starting ideas for your next volunteering prospect?

  • Animal Life
  • Festivals in Sibiu

Well then…Happy Reading!

Animal Life

Founded in 2006, Animal Life is a great non-profit organisation that brings together the love for animals and nature.

Volunteering for Animal Life
Photo by Roxana Mohan

There is a variety of volunteering activities that can support Animal Life and actually improve the animals’ lives. For instance, you can help take care of the animals and foster the animals until they are adopted. Also, you can engage in organizing donations campaigns and amplify the organization’s purpose. Indeed, this is one of the most heartful experiences for all the animals’ lovers who wish to have a positive impact by volunteering.


AIESEC is a global platform for young people. Indeed, their purpose is to develop leadership potential through international internships. Moreover, one of their main goals is student volunteer opportunities.

Founded in 1948, AIESEC is a non-governmental and not-for-profit organization entirely run by youth for youth.

Volunteering for AIESEC
Photo by Roxana Mohan

Additionally, AIESEC might be a great volunteering option for you if you want to develop yourself in a multicultural experience. Also, join them if you like to work towards a cause you care about, for your personal and professional development. Moreover, if you want to create lifelong relationships with people from all around the world… by all means, this is your chance!

Festivals in Sibiu

Volunteering for Festivals

Next up, your could start volunteering for different Festivals in Sibiu. These volunteering programmes are open to teenagers and students from all over the country, who want to develop their professional and soft skills. On top of that, you don’t have to have any specific knowledge related to festival organization, as long as you are open-minded are ready for new experiences. Moreover, you will receive a diploma for all of your efforts, you will have an amazing experience, and you will gain a lot of new friends.

For festival volunteering, you should definitely consider the following:

  • FITS: The FITS Festival is a perfect combination between theatre, dance, circus, films, music, performance, and exhibition.
  • ASTRA Film: ASTRA film festival is a documentary-based film festival. Furthermore, every year they bring together people of all ages for watching specific themes of movies.
  • TIFF: The Transilvania IFF experience means an exciting and intriguing selection of movies. Moreover, amazing locations such as castles, open-air museums, and concerts in churches. Also, TIFF has educational platforms for young audiences, solid industry programs, and a consistent focus on the future of audio-visual content.

Moreover, if you want to find out more about the festival volunteering in Sibiu you can check out Best Festivals in Sibiu.

To sum up, by pursuing a volunteering opportunity you don’t need any particular prior experience or training. However, you can bring energy, enthusiasm, skills, and an open-mind. For your efforts, you will be encouraged, supported, and recognized. Indeed, the day for changing the world and for becoming a better version of yourself is TODAY!


We are Roxana, Ioana, Timeea and Mihai, a group of students from Business Administration, Year 2. Why are we here? That's because we recommend you some amazing opportunities that can help you become a better version of yourself, by impacting the society around you at the same time.

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