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Do you dream of being your own Boss? Well, these programs can help you fulfill this dream if you have the right dose of ambition and enthusiasm !

Starting a business on your own can be challenging when you’re a student. However, it can also be an exciting journey with a little guidance. These student programs will be the springboard for your creative ideas and professional ambitions.

This way you can learn how to avoid common business mistakes.

Innovation Labs Hackathon


Innovation Labs is a tech start-up accelerator program that is targeted towards 3 categories of people: students, young professionals, and researchers who are eager to share their best ideas in hopes of implementing them on the market.


  • You pitch your idea in 1 minute in front of the online public.
  • Your idea has to be related to the tech industry


  • 5-month mentoring program opportunity. If your idea impresses the jury, you’ll get the chance to further refine it
  • Access to decision-makers in companies in various domains. You can choose a mentor to lead you throughout the whole process.
  • Support from dedicated tech enablers. You get access to a wide range of programs needed both during and after the program.

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By Ionut Codoban

Junior Achievement


Students often want to understand the connection between what they learn in college and getting a job that matches their goals. Junior Achievement can help you to do just that!


  • Each team must go through the JA entrepreneurship program offered by their educational institution
  • Each team must have a coordinating teacher


  • The Start-UP program. This develops your potential for entrepreneurship
  • The program of Entrepreneurial University. It gives you access to the list of partner universities
  • Free access to courses and resources online. Licenses for different programs

Smart Innobusiness


Have you heard about “Smart Innobusiness” ?

If not, then it’s time to find out. “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu it’s running this project in partnership with Innobusiness to bring support for entrepreneurship and innovative business development.


  • Any entrepreneurship diploma is valid. Therefore you can have any training recognition in this domain for you to participate in the program.
  • You have to be enrolled in the University that has a collaboration with Smart Innobusiness.


  • Training programs – guidance in the field of entrepreneurship, internships and mentoring activities
  • Financial support – only 27 places will be financed. One project will be financed with 100.000€. Then, two projects will earn 80.000€ each. Three projects will benefit of 60.000€ financing, and the rest of the awarded projects will be financed with 40.000€ each.

If you are not ready to join one of these programs, maybe you would like to participate in other activities that will guide you professionally.

You can have an experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life if you decide to take advantage of these student programs and opportunities mentioned above !

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We are a team of ambitious students from Business Administration that want to share our experiences with you in order to have a great time during your student life. We hope the ideas we provide will help you develop a better social and personal experience.

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