Student Learning Styles: How to Study Smarter, Not Harder

Studying has never been easier

Have you ever wondered what type of learning style you have?

Some students might have difficulties studying because they have not found the best strategies that suit them. However, researchers have focused extensively on this subject and came up with four student learning styles: Auditory, Kinesthetic, Reading/Writing and Visual.

So… which type of the four student learning styles is best for you? You can find out here and come back to this article in order to get some tips.

Auditory Learners

Auditory learners retain details and order better, but they are less confident in their abilities to recall info. As an auditory learner, you prefer to hear what you are learning and your brain remembers knowledge based on how it sounds. Lessons are taught by listening to notes and repeating them aloud.

If the auditory learning style is the one that suits you, try using the following tips for a more efficient studying session:

  • Use flashcards and read them out loud to reinforce lessons;
  • Read out loud the information you are trying to memorize;
  • Use beats, rhymes or songs to reinforce information;
  • Engage in discussions during classes;

Kinesthetic Learners

Kinesthetic learners tend to experiment with objects, touching, feeling, and manipulating them. Moreover, as a kinesthetic learner, your emotions can be measured by your body tension. You might use gestures when speaking, have difficulties listening to other people and soon lose interest in long conversations.

If you are a kinesthetic learner, try using the following tips for a more efficient studying session

  • Incorporate real world examples or look up case-studies to help you remember abstract concepts;
  • For better concentration, try chewing gum;
  • Take frequent breaks and move around during your breaks;
  • Reviews of previous assignments. These reviews will connect to your experience writing papers or taking past quizzes and tests;
  • Look after the possibility of field trips, labs, or exhibits on the topic;

Reading/Writing Learners

As a reading/writing learner, you usually make maximum use of lists, notes, texts, and words as their main method of communicating or receiving information. In consequence, these learners are frequently excellent at writing projects.

If you are a reading/writing learner, try using the following tips for a more efficient studying session:

  • Use bullet points and well defined headings;
  • Take notes during class;
  • Re-read and check for grammar mistakes;
  • Read additional information on the topic;

Visual Learners

Visual learners tend to remember information faster than other types. As a visual learner, you like to see what you are learning and retain knowledge more effectively by using graphic displays such as graphs, charts, images, diagrams, infographics, flashcards, and others.

If you are a visual learner, try using the following tips for a more efficient studying session:

  • Use maps, charts, diagrams, and lists;
  • Make your study area visually appealing;
  • Highlight main points in an eye-arresting color;
  • Use mind pictures or mind maps;

For more time management tips, check out this article that can help you improve your particular student learning style.

Paula RAVAS, Gabriela DICU, Bianca DRAGAN, Cassiana NATOTEA
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