Student Activities near the Faculty of Economic Sciences

Students socializing during break in a coffee shop near the faculty

Are you looking for student activities to do in your spare time? We have developed this guide to help you find the perfect activity for you and your friends.. especially during your breaks.

Are you a student at the Faculty of Economic Sciences and you don’t know what to do in your long breaks or in between courses? Or perhaps you’re thinking about studying here in the near future and you are not familiar with any good places to hang out?

No matter where your interests lie, you can always find student activities to get excited about in Sibiu. Here are our suggestions of student activities for you and your friends!

Grab a quick bite

We all know how stressful a day at the faculty can be. The best remedy is to grab something to eat and recharge your batteries. Our faculty’s convenient location gives you enough time to eat something during your breaks or between courses. You can choose between healthy food and less healthier food options in an only 5-minute walk from the faculty. In 10 minutes, you can get to the university canteen which offers you diversified fresh cooked meals at an affordable price. So make sure you try it out!

Faculty canteen 
student canteen
student activities
Photo by Birsan Alexandru

If the food at the canteen is not to your liking, don’t worry! You can always go to a restaurant nearby and try out some local cuisine.

Catch up with your friends

If you and your friends have a break in between classes, you can take this time to socialize and have a relaxing time with them. The faculty offers you the opportunity to have a fun time in the actual building. For a relaxing time, you have different options, such as:

  • Bean bags, so you can hang out with your colleagues and catch up with them on a personal level
  • Ping-pong table & Foosball table, that the faculty has in the lobby, if you are in the mood for a friendly competition
  • Benches which are especially arranged at the main entrance so you can go outside with your friends and take a deep refreshing breath
Faculty of Economic Sciences lobby
Photo by Birsan Alexandru

Work on different projects with your colleagues

You can also take advantage of the free wi-fi available throughout the faculty building to work on your projects at the workstations in the main lobby. You can charge your laptop or mobile gadgets using plugs and USB connections.

It may become a little noisy inside, but there’s always the coffee shop next door, which also has free wi-fi for project collaboration. It offers ample room for a full team and it’s quite silent, allowing you to maximize your work productivity.

Visit Sibiu’s surroundings

The sun is shining and the courses are over! It’s time for leisure activities… so, grab an electric scooter and explore the surroundings. You can easily find an electric scooter around the faculty and ride to the Sub Arini park. Escape the stress in nature, grab yourself some popcorn and go for a walk.

If the park is too crowded for your liking, you can continue walking until you reach the Zoo. There you can enjoy the peaceful vibes and admire the cute animals.

We are sure that these student activities ideas will help you fill the gaps in your timetable with fun and memorable moments with your colleagues!

Alexandru BIRSAN, Alexandra BOTOS, Alexandra GILCA, Markus HOHR, Rebecca KOCH

We are a team of ambitious students from Business Administration that want to share our experiences with you in order to have a great time during your student life. We hope the ideas we provide will help you develop a better social and personal experience.

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