Sibiu Events 2019 – Check Out the Upcoming Cultural Agenda

Upcoming Sibiu Events in 2019

The city of Sibiu, apart from being known for its beauty and heritage, is also known as a host of the most important cultural events in Romania.

From traditional festivals to theater ones, from fashion weeks to cycling tours, it has something for every taste. And you, as a student, should take advantage of your time here, in Sibiu, and participate in all of them.

Let’s take a look at the main Sibiu events and maybe, after you read this, you will plan your schedule according to these events.

Sibiu International Theater Festival

Not for nothing was Sibiu declared the European Capital of Culture in 2007. It hosts a lot of cultural events and maybe, the best known is „Sibiu International Theater Festival”.

Starting with 1993, every year, for ten days, people all over the world gather to be part of an amazing festival. Even if they are actors, circus workers, musicians or just spectators, everybody feels the magic and everybody feels as a part of the festival.

In 2007 there was the peak of FITS with over 2500 guests. Now, there is no wonder that the tickets are sold out every year. And, let us tell you a secret, in the beginning people had garlic in their pockets because they were afraid of vampires. So don’t forget your garlic and come be a part of the biggest theater festival in Romania  (14-23 June 2019).

The Songs of the Mountains

Because it is very good to know your roots and to know where you come from, before you start building your future, we invite you to the folklore festival „The songs of the mountains”.

In Transylvania, and especially in Sibiu, we value our heritage and know how to preserve our traditions.

If you are curious not only about our traditions, but also about other countries’ customs, we invite you here to meet the over 600 performers from 3 continents (Europe, America and Asia).

The Christmas Fair

If you have the time and you are in Sibiu near Christmas, it’s impossible to miss the Christmas Fair from the Big Square.

You will meet Santa, you will eat sweets, you will drink hot chocolate (and not only) and you will be amazed by all the amazing Christmas decorations. You will feel the snowflakes melting in your palms and you will make the best Christmas memories with your friends or family.

It’s the perfect place and the perfect atmosphere before, during, and after the holidays. We advise you not to miss it!!

Sibiu – European Region of Gastronomy 2019

One of the main events that takes place this year is the fact that Sibiu was declared „European Region of Gastronomy 2019”. This is really special for our city, because only 8 other regions from Europe have received this distinction.

This is not quite an event in the definition of the word, but it brings to light the fact that Sibiu appreciates and values its heritage, its culture and its people. You can visit the „Valea Tîrnavelor”, „Mărginimea Sibiului” and the city of „Mediaș” and be amazed by the delicious treats and types of food.

In 2019, Sibiu will be the main location for food culture and we hope to see you in our beautiful city!

We hope that we have managed to capture a bit of the beauty of the upcoming Sibiu Events in 2019, and we hope that if you have the time and you are in Sibiu during at least one festival or event you will check it out. We promise you will not regret it!

Diana VONICA, Michelle JIANU, Andreea OPRENEA & Octavia TOADER

This blog post was developed by students at Business Administration study programme.

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