How to Manage your Group Work as a Student

A group of students working together on a project.

Group work is exactly what the term implies: students working together to complete projects and assignments. The aim of team projects is to prepare students for future collaborations in their career, when it becomes crucial to create a friendly, but professional environment when working together. Since you have to work in teams so often throughout university, you have to know how to manage your group work as a student.

We’ve done numerous projects together and we’ve created a routine that has not failed us yet. Therefore, here are a few tips that may help you with your group work!


Brainstorming is a good strategy to use when you’re not given a subject to discuss. It implies a spontaneous list of ideas, contributed by every member of the team. Even the weirdest ideas can prove to be useful. Additionally, you may come up with an idea that will help in future projects. Moreover, make sure you listen to everyone and be open to new ideas!

Students using the brainstorming strategy for their group work.

Finding the right information

Once you’ve settled on a subject, it is time for you to find information about it! We highly recommend using official and up-to-date websites, so that the information you find is as accurate as possible. These are some good examples of such websites:

Splitting the task

The best tip we can give you for managing your group work is giving people different tasks. This is what helped us out the most, and we think it will help you too. To put it simply, in a fashion similar to free trade, every member did what they were best at. Our group was generally split as such:

Student 1

Does the PowerPoint presentation

Student 2

Finds information

Student 3

Finds information

Student 4

Paraphrases, corrects mistakes

Having a good time

We get it, working can be boring, but it doesn’t have to be. You will, more often than not, work with people that have at least some interests similar to yours. Take breaks while working together, get to know each other, have a good time.

Group work is, as the name implies, about work and the group itself. Getting to know your team and having fun will boost your motivation!

Students having a laugh while working on their project.

Group work is not as scary as it seems. Try to have fun, get to know each other, split your tasks and finish your team projects on time!

Now that you know how to work together, why don’t you work on yourself? Head on over to our colleague’s article, and find out how to make your student life happier!

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