Fun and Smart Transportation Ways for Students in Sibiu

As a student, you need fun and cheap ways of transportation around town, based on your preferences and free time.

So…Are you always late for your classes? Do you care about the environment? Do you want to travel faster and cheaper to different places of the city? We are here to provide interesting ideas for you in terms of transportation ways for students.

If you are a student in Sibiu, we’re sure you want to move around the city and get familiar with it on your own terms. Moreover, you are going to be living here for a while so you need to know all the transportation ways for students.

In fact, have you considered all the following alternatives?

  • Green Bikes
  • Scooters
  • Public transportation
  • Uber & Bolt
  • Walking

Green Bikes

In Sibiu, there are 44 stations from where you can rent a bike around the city. If you want to ride the bike for an hour, you are going to have to pay 1 leu. There are also subscriptions available for the whole day or depending on the number of hours that you want to rent your bike for.

Green bikes

Photo by Roxana Mohan


Did you hear about the cheap and easy ways to use scooters for only 0.5 lei/minute? Lime and Bolt Scooters are environmentally friendly. Moreover, it can be a faster way to get to your destination than using buses, walking, or getting a taxi.

Scooters as a transportation Way for Students

Photo by Roxana Mohan

Public Transportation

Are you a bus fan? The city is becoming more environmentally-friendly and Tursib is helping out. For 2 lei you can go from one corner of the city to the other. If you bring your student card you also have a 50% discount on the monthly subscription.

Bus  as a transportation Way for Students

Photo by Roxana Mohan

Uber & Bolt

Do you like comfort? Are you always in a hurry? Then this one is for you. Uber & Bolt are a comfortable and secure way of mobility around Sibiu. Also, it is much cheaper than the normal taxi that we all know.

Bolt  as a transportation Way for Students

Photo by Roxana Mohan


Did you know that walking is the easiest and cheapest of them all? As we say in Romania ”Mersul pe jos face piciorul frumos!”. We recommend you to try it whenever you have the time.

Walking as a transportation Way for Students

Photo by Roxana Mohan

To sum up, there are some good ways of going around the city as a student. While using any transportation way, have fun and take care at the same time. Even if the student life is passing by like crazy without realizing, we do need to take advantage of every second we have on our hands. If you want some other tips and tricks for students in Sibiu check THIS out.


We are Roxana, Ioana, Timeea and Mihai, a group of students from Business Administration, Year 2. Why are we here? That's because we recommend you some amazing opportunities that can help you become a better version of yourself, by impacting the society around you at the same time.

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