Tips and Tricks for Traveling on a Budget as a Student

Tips and tricks for cheap traveling

Imagine that: Exam session is over, retakes are done, and you want to treat yourself, but you’re on a budget.

If you are into traveling, here are some tips and tricks that might help you eliminate the myth that only the wealthy and famous can travel 🙂

Cheap Countries to Travel to in Europe

Here are some of our best cheap travel destinations for your future holidays and why you should pick them 🙂

  • Croatia – You’ll have a better experience in late June or early September if you want to escape the crowds and the oppressive heat. During the middle of the season, the beach is almost empty, allowing you to enjoy the entire beach to yourself. Overall, you can easily visit Croatia on a budget of approximately €35-€90 per day, with accommodation ranging from €40-€80 per night for two people.
  • Greece – Because of their recent economic situation, travelling to Greece is incredibly inexpensive. Late June and September are ideal travel months in both Greece and Cyprus. You may get inexpensive lodging for one person for between €13 and €20 per night.

Other destinations recommended for the similar prices you can also consider:

  • Albania
  • Bulgaria
  • Hungary
  • Montenegro
  • Serbia

Websites to Check Before Booking Transportation

Whether you want to go by plane or rent a car to enjoy the transit to your holiday destination, we have some recommendations for you to check before booking the transportation.

Google Flights offers you the best price for any flight and even recommendations for "flexy days" .
Kayak has a very appealing way to show their offer with their color scheme on the calendar.

Planning a trip? Google Flights may be the next best thing to a travel agent. Already a useful tool for travelers, Google Flights continues to improve.

Here’s how to discover the best cost-effective flights: Look for the green price when searching for flights. That is the flight that Google has determined to be the greatest deal.

It’s a minor detail, but it’s a time saver. However, this trip may not always appear in the “best flights” box, which indicates the best price/flight time combination. Google Flights now analyzes historical pricing data to help you decide whether to book now or later.

For the second alternative, did you ever heard about the website “”?
Well, that’s what Kayak website does.

Kayak is an American online travel agency and its main benefit for you (a student who are trying to explore many places low cost) is that it provides the lowest prices for stays, flights, cars, things to do, vacation packages, and also trains and buses. Sound’s great, right? 😊
“Knowledge is power”, so we hope that you will use this tip as much as you can. 😊
So pack your bags and do a little research on this website.
Wild and free, are you ready? 😊


Aventurescu is a website very easy to use with beautiful travel destinations that can satisfy any preference.
Feeling uninspired? Aventurescu can give you some traveling tips and tricks to make your vacay memorable.

Aventurescu is a website that has various offers for housing and flights.
You simply insert the airport you want to leave from and the period you want to travel and it shows you the most cost effective offers for traveling.

Looking for a Different Accommodation ?

With a variety of offers, Airbnb satisfies any preference from the main page.
Even from the first moment you enter their website or app, Airbnb offers you their best accommodations.

Although Aventurescu has budget friendly offers sometimes those can be limited, so if you’re looking for housing in a specific destination you can consider Airbnb accommodation instead of Aventurescu’s recommendations.

As a tip for the accommodation, Airbnb is just perfect for traveling on a budget. Even if you travel in group or with your partner, this site can suit any taste, budget… even if you prefer special amenities or experiences through the city.

The traveling tip for this one would be to be flexible with your dates… then the security tax can be cheaper, you can earn coupons, in short, save some extra money 🙂

As a plus, the Erasmus experience can also be a tip for traveling on a budget. For sure, you need to check the Erasmus+ Experience blog. 🙂

Traveling on budget shouldn’t be an additional stress for any of us… with minimum research we can all enjoy our days off in a fun way.

These were our traveling tips and tricks for you to plan your vacation like a pro on a budget, but now we want to hear your voice.

What traveling tips and tricks do you have? Leave us a comment! 🙂


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