6 Ways on How to Save Money as a Student in Sibiu

We know that college life implies some expenses and that every penny counts. Find some easy ways to save money as a student while you attend university studies.

Here are some tips on how a student can save up money!

Saving money as a student through discounts!

This rule applies to food, clothes, and recreational activities. Searching for promotional offers in supermarkets can help you save a great deal of money. Also, most of the tourist places have discounts for students of about 10-50%.

Try the faculty’s canteen!

Unfortunately, the canteen is closed now due to the Covid pandemic. However, you can take your food to go.

Usually, the menu there is pretty tasty and it comes at a low price. You can find the daily menu around 12 lei.

Delicious and cheap food at students' canteen.
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Get a bus pass to save money!

People usually prefer to use the car, but Sibiu is a small town. You can reach your destination using the bus, too. Also, students benefit from a 50% discount for the bus pass!

Use the library!

The university library has a wide range of books for all fields of study. So, there is no point in spending money on the materials that will be required of you during your university studies.

You can check the availability of the books on the University’s Library website.

Student reading books at the library.
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Search for student housing!

Lucian Blaga University provides students with several options for student housing. The price of these locations is student-friendly, with different price options, depending on facilities.

Open a savings account!

For better management of your financial situation and the opportunity to save money as a student, banks offer special services for students.

Here are some sites that you can access to learn more: Banca Transilvania, BCR, BRD, Raifessen, ING Bank.

Saving money in the piggy bank.
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All in all, saving money as a student might be a hard task, thinking that this is the time in our lives when we are inclined to spend more money on different things or activities. Take into consideration that something that might seem hard doesn’t mean impossible, so make sure that next time you will use some of our tips for a better way to manage your savings.

Denisa BENYOVSZKI, Andreea DUMITREAN, Gabriel MARA, Alexandru CUNTAN, Rares MANIG

We are a team of ULBS Economics students, currently in the second year of the Business Administration profile. We want to share with you some experiences and how we solved certain problems we encountered during college.

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