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Carolina Țîmbalari

Carolina Timbalari

As a graduate Economy of Commerce, Tourism and Services and currently following the Master program at The Faculty of Economic Sciences at "œLucian Blaga" University, Sibiu, I definitely believe that if I were to make a decision concerning my professional future, I would undoubtedly choose the same path.
Opportunities, knowledge, willingness and discovery; these words perfectly defined for me the place where I was bound to spend the next three wonderful years. All of a sudden, I decided to leave far from my family, my friends and everyone dear to me, but I was willing to prepare myself for a successful career. I was aware it would not be easy; yet, I was convinced that success is not coming to you unless you are the one going to look for it.

The recipe for success means blending the theory and practice.


In the first steps on my chosen path, the university years were a fresh beginning and, at the same time, my new home. As a student, I blended work with pleasure, by taking part in different activities beyond the university circles such as volunteering "“ valuable experience, making my life more challenging and beautiful. Also, no matter what you study, it is important to volunteer, to try several "œjobs", thus discovering what suits you, what you most like to do, by working. These years are the most appropriate time to study, to research and be curious, to make friends, create bonds and progress, because you will never meet such a productive period during your pass through time. Sibiu itself, as a city, provides us with plenty of opportunities. You only need to be willing to get yourself involved. Partnership between the university center and the business environment here guarantee a successful road towards your desired career.
Concerning my professional development, I have always had a belief which my experience during these years has confirmed: in the professional development as a future employee, what counts the most is the first people who influence you in your decisions, the first mentors from whom you gather ideas about your future qualification, the first leaders who inspire you to go on. I had the luck to find all these during these years and I will always be grateful. No matter how much you strive to gain knowledge, to grasp what is most valuable around you, it makes a real difference to meet supportive, open-minded people who encourage you and have faith in you.
The recipe for success means blending the theory and practice. These two components go hand in hand and success is guaranteed by the amount of seriousness which every one of us carries along the road. While trying to follow this path, and looking behind at my accomplishments, I can conclude that university years have been the most generous and the most productive, offering me the possibility to grow. By taking part in the projects held at the Faculty, a successful one being DocExpert, organized by Economy Students Club, I realized that the foundation of professional development of a student is the institution which prepares him for the future. At the same time, in the third year of university, I decided to represent students in the University Council; as a result I got much involved in the academic life, especially in that Club.
Thus, in 2014, I obtained my license degree. Undoubtedly, I will continue my studies at the same faculty, following the "œStrategies and policies for management and marketing company" Master program. Upon my view, there were still many things to be done and the first was to become a member of Alumni Association; then, a member of the University Senate. Finally, all my dreams have become true by following Erasmus Mobility at the Baltic International Academy in Riga, Latvia. Remembering my unforgettable experience abroad, I decided to enroll into the ESN (Erasmus Student Network) Organization, hoping to keep alive that time. "œSummer School. Choose your career SMART" was a new project at the academic level, where I took part as a volunteer and I firmly convinced myself that every faculty from ULBS is, in fact, a Different School, each having its distinctive characteristic and diversity.
The Faculty of Economic Sciences is the academic environment where I molded my personality; it helped me define and perfect myself, not only personally, but also professionally.
I would kindly recommend "œLucian Blaga" University of Sibiu, Faculty of Economic Sciences as one of the best. It gave me the opportunity to grow, to take into account more possibilities of success, to uncover new ones and, more importantly, to hope for more and target higher.

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