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Andreea Bogoslov

Andreea Bogoslov

Being a 3rd year student of the Faculty of Economics of the Lucian Blaga University - "Accounting and Management Information Systems" field, I can truthfully affirm that if I had to choose again, I would be following the same path that helped me reach heights I may have considered too high and open doors which I would not have dared to knock a while ago.

I have embarked on a path which at the beginning was partially unknown, mostly due to the fact that I have attended " Mathematics - Computer Science " high school specialization, which meant I had no previous economics or accounting knowledge. Nevertheless, with the support of the teachers who have carefully guided me, I have started assimilating knowledge from the first courses, knowledge which developed later. Thus, I was inspired to expand my desire for knowledge and self study. Furthermore, having contact with specialists from various fields also helped me widen my thoughts and judgment.

I've learned and firmly belive that nothing is imposible when you truly want something.

Because of the Economics Students Club I got the opportunity to participate in one of the most interesting projects that the club has organized, namely : DocExpert. This is one of many projects organized yearly by the Faculty of Economics, which encourages a good start for its students by offering training in financial accounting and banking documentation.

I learned to work within a team, to put spirit in what I do and participate with interest in all the projects I have joined. I think the most important project in which I participated so far was SIMPRACT - Transition from School to Work, financed by the European Social Fund. Within this project I have received counseling and attended career guidance sessions, I have worked with people whose involvement and help cannot be challenged and with their support I managed to develop my organizational and innovative strength.

I have also developed my understanding of informatics, a field that I was familiar with since high school and which I have decided is the path I would like to follow in the future. Moving further, I managed to create the website for the Economic Research Center of " Lucian Blaga " University of Sibiu, this work increasing the confidence in myself and confirming that I- along with mentors who support me and help me step by step-can finalize projects constructive for both myself and the faculty.

Another opportunity that I have been offered was attending the Brokerage School , a project managed by well-trained advisers who provide answers and offer solutions to both beginners in the brokerage as well as to the active investors.

I discovered and now I firmly believe that nothing is impossible when you set your mind to it, especially when there is so much motivation and support from those who guide you. The competition spirit which arises between students is constructive, raising the desire to be the best and excel in all areas.
My strong advise for any prospective student is to choose the Faculty of Economics, an establishment characterized by a diversified education program, with teachers who are true mentors both in the professional and personal development of the student and which is without doubt the start for various employment opportunities in the future .

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