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Stefan Cojan

Stefan Cojan

I would like to say that the life as a student of the Faculty of Economic Sciences brought me only joy and satisfaction. Currently I am a 3rd year Management student and I could say that Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu represented an important aspect of my educational, cultural and professional development.

As I said, my student life until now was marked by joy and satisfaction that I obtained first of all by attending the classes and secondly by attending other type of activities, such as IECS (International Economic Conference Sibiu), the Erasmus Programme or the Alumni scholarship.  

The confidence that I gained in the university, represented by its professors, makes me think of continuing my studies here at ULBS.

The Erasmus Programme, represented for me a big opportunity of interacting with new cultures, with a new learning and teaching style and with great people. From the big list of universities and participating countries, I chose Saxion University of Applied Sciences, a Dutch university from the small city of Deventer, city witch is also related to Sibiu. Despite its small size, Deventer introduced me to great people "“ professors and colleagues, which made my life there a pleasure.

My only regret since now is that I did not participate to the CSE"™s activities, but this together with joining ESN (Erasmus Student Network) will represent my goals in this new academic year.

Regarding to the university"™s professors I have to say that I started to consider them role models. They impressed me with their successful careers, their level of training and also with their big desire of involving in the academic life of their students. 

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