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Cristina Prund

Cristina Prund

One of the most important things in life is to do what you love and to choose the approach that is best suited. In 2004 I made the decision to enrol in Lucian Blaga University, though my family thought that another career choice would fit me better.
Now I am a second year bachelor student and I can admit without any kind of regrets that coming here was the best decision for me. The step up from high school to college meant a lot for my personal and professional development. College lifestyle and the learning environment are different from school days. If until now I thought something might be impossible, now I am sure I can do whatever I want no matter how hard it is.

Student life means a lot of studying hours and attending courses but also having fun, teamwork and opportunities..

There are so many opportunities that college opened for me in the last two years. Teachers from university taught me from the beginning to tend to uppermost, to be my best possible self as they set an example for us, the students, to follow. In high school I learnt more about natural sciences so when I came here everything was new for me, it was a big challenge. Now I surely know what does supply and demand or active and passive mean. In order to be active for our exams we don’t have to be passive in classes.

Student life means a lot of studying hours and attending courses but also having fun, teamwork and opportunities. Thus I am referring to The Economist Students Club where I spent many great moments from the first day at university: Organizing projects, parties, invitations at the weekly meetings are definitely experiences that have strongly marked my development.
Student life gave me probably the best life experience of my life until now: Erasmus Experience. I had the opportunity to go to Belgium and to study there for one semester. Erasmus is the best experience some one can have. It gives you the chance to meet a lot of great people, to visit amazing places, to learn new things, to party as much as you can. Therefore, because I would better regret something I didn’t do when I had the chance instead of something I did, I packed all my life in a 32 kilos suitcase and my Erasmus experience was about to change completely my life in a few hours.

It is very difficult to talk now about the person I was two years ago and I can truly say university changed me for the better. It opened up my eyes and mind to new ideas and experiences and allowed me to grow. I learned how to turn everyday moments into learning moments and amazing experiences and I definitely love what I do and that’s all that matters.

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