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Raluca Boboc

Raluca Boboc

As a student of the Faculty of Economic Science, "Lucian Blaga" University of Sibiu, specialisation Finance-Banks, I think my training in this faculty has enlarged my spectrum of thinking, has refined my habits and has formed certain reasonings which will outline the future of my personal and professional life.

Participation in ULBS projects lit in myself  the desire to interact with other students, teachers, people who practice in economic area, the desire to resume old contacts, meet new people, form connections and  assimilate and share habits and ideas. Among the projects in which I found myself in organizing team , and in a certain extent helped my training, are primarily the summer schools Young Leaders Club, The Knowledge-based Green Economy -KBGE and Next HR - ANOSR. Of course, by holding them, I had the opportunity to experience the management of a project and of a budget of time and resources, to communicate with people at various levels, being in different poses and to solve various global or critical situations.

Being a student in the Faculty of Economics I had the opportunity to broaden my horizons by applying to Erasmus

From the need to enrich continuously my package of knowledge and reasonings I participated this year at the International Economy Conference in Sibiu. This experience has shown me what it means an active and determined involvement to accomplish a project. I have developed confidence in myself and abilities to research, to support a personal theory in front of a group, to be fully prepared in the subject discussed and to interact with people from different fields.

Many of the extracurricular activities during this period have meant to me moments related to Economics Students Club (CSE) and National Alliance of Student Organizations in Romania (ANOSR). Through CSE I discovered a second family, a group of students and faculty graduates, a variety of special people who are united in one's concentration of will and power, in a great organizing team and in a solid foundation of  realizing a project or materializing a goal. By involving in both organisations, I developed my social skills, I learned to interact with students from other places, to meet different lifestyles, to experience genuine emotions, beautiful cities and new connections.

One thing that impressed me in the transition from high school to College was the way of teaching, more practical and more briefly. Of course this way of teaching has been outlined by the academic and protocolar, but empathetic attitude of our teachers , which raises the expectations and the desire for personal development to another level . Also, the excellent technical equipment enjoyed by our faculty is a key factor in creating a beneficial environment for the training and development of future economists.

I'm sure that my next training stage will be also done within ULBS, and thus,  the professionalism and the multitude of opportunities and benefits that currently are looming in the University will follow me and will be visibly increased.

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