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Georgiana Bradescu

Georgiana Bradescu

A lot of people establish clear limits between education, professional experience and personal life"¦but not me. For me, the faculty has not just been the academic degree needed; it was the home of my dreams, challenges and development. A home full of great characters - people with so much to offer not only professionally but also personally.

With their life experience, passion, empathy and professionalism they manage to teach and inspire others,building up a place in which you can dare to trust, dare to bring your dreams to life.

I guess the key is to offer at least as much as you would like to receive.

It happened in my case"¦I had full support in my initiatives, including the one of creating a student organization that facilitates and encourages international mobility "“ Erasmus Student Network Sibiu.

And now"¦if I look back, there are so many other flashes coming in my mind from all the great moments I had during faculty: Economics Student Club projects and nights out, International Economics Conference, TDC, my Erasmus experience in Belgium, KbGE Summer School, CFA Institute Challenge, ESN"¦but most important that little moments of hilarious laughs, lessons learned from small mistakes or funny moments during classes. All those have shaped the person I am today and I don"™t regret anything.


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