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Iulia Apostu

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Presently working for my Master Degree in Business Management at the Faculty of Economic Sciences in Sibiu, I can say that being a student means getting involved. And getting involved means work (loads of work), rewarded with satisfaction (loads of satisfaction).

One year ago I graduated the university studies as head of promotion in Finance and Banking, following to live my Erasmus experience at Toulouse Business School in France. Everything started with the desire to know much more. Therefore I participated at the International Economics Conference organised by our faculty when I was in the first year of studies. Then and there I started to enjoy the public speaking and the conferences and my first experience was followed by other participations in Cluj, Targu Jiu and again Sibiu. I have learnt to control my emotions and to adore explaining my work to others. And my work was rewarded. Sometimes with a prize and other times with encouragement. 

I"™m not sure where I"™ll be in one year "“ but I want to go places and see people. I want my mind to grow. I want to live where things happen on a big scale.

Student life also means team work. And when I say this, the very first thing that pops into my mind is the Chartered Financial Analysts Institute Competition, where I was part of the representing team of the Faculty of Economics in Sibiu. And it also reminds me of the organizational team of the Knowledge-based Green Economy Summer School, that I was part of for two consecutive years. A place where I have worked with and I have met wonderful people. A place where I have made unexpected friends. Because student life is also this "“ friendship.

Student life is not only classes. Student life means being active and participating in everything you can, to take risks and to win, to take risks and to loose, but knowing how to seize the opportunity. And during the last year of studies, I seized my opportunity! I participated in the French classes organized by the Lectorat Francais of ULBS and I won the scholarship offered in collaboration with Toulouse Business School. Guided by my close teachers and fuelled by curiosity, ambition and natural intuition, I took the first flight to a new world. A world where I rediscovered myself. A world that helped me grow. A world that inspired and motivated me. A world that made me realise that I want more. That I want more from myself!

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