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Why would you like to be just a normal student, when you can be an Erasmus one? Thinking about expanding your horizons as a student? Then you might be interested in finding valuable information about studying abroad from Erasmus students.

What is Erasmus?

Erasmus+ is a programme implemented all over the world. It represents the best chance to improve your skills in a foreign language, meet new people,
live abroad, and learn about new traditions.

You will get the opportunity to study at a university that you choose, after a selection process based on your resume and grades. Most importantly, you will receive an Erasmus grant of 470 euros or 520 euros/month. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about money.

There are so many advantages associated with this European-funded programme. If you are interested, you can discover more information about the Erasmus experience.

Come with Erasmus and Study in Sibiu at Faculty of Economic Sciences – Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu

Our Faculty prepares students for a challenging future in world of economics and business. For Erasmus students and for those who wish to study in English, our faculty offers study programmes for bachelor and master degrees.

Business Administration – Bachelor Programme

Today, the English language is not unfamiliar for many people anymore . It is almost mandatory to handle it.

Business Administration study programme is for Erasmus students along with ambitious Romanians who want to improve their English skills and be involved in the business world. Thanks to this, you will increase your chances of getting a job in a multinational company or abroad.

Master in Business – Management

If you have already finished your bachelor studies and you are looking for a bright future in business and economics, we strongly recommend you our master degree programme in Business Management.

Through it, you will have higher chances on developing your foreign business expertise and develop international relations to further your career.

Erasmus Experience from Foreign Students

Kali Martinez and Ney Barragan Garcia are 2 Erasmus students from Bilbao, Spain. They are currently studying Business Administration, in Sibiu, at the Faculty of Economic Sciences – ULBS.

Here is how Kali describes her Erasmus experience, so far:

“Being an Erasmus student in Sibiu is an amazing chance that everybody should experience. All the basic needs, such as accommodation and safety, are covered with high-quality. Among those, the cultural, natural, and all kind of leisure time activities that the city offers, make it worth visiting and living in Sibiu.

Further, Kali and Ney explain their take on accommodation, university, and Sibiu.

Accommodation for Students

Kali says:
The accommodation is affordable and decent. Every floor has its own kitchen and a living room which is full of students from all over the world. This multicultural experience makes the living environment that much richer.”

University and Classes

Further, Kali mentions:
As for the university, it must be said that it is up-to- date in terms of studying economics and obtaining a business administration degree. Teachers treat their students in a friendly way. Also, they are endowed with a lot of professionalism.”

The City of Sibiu

As for the city they are currently studying in, Ney says the following:
“The city is quite small, however it has never made me feel overwhelmed or stressed, neither unsafe. It is beautiful, full of history, different architecture and good gastronomy. People are friendly and all these factors together have made Sibiu my second home”.

Ney also highly recommends Sibiu’s official website, to keep up-to-date with events and things to do in the city.

Erasmus+ Students to & from Sibiu

We have a lot of students coming with Erasmus programme in Sibiu, from all over the world. Due to the fact that we have partnerships with more than 64 countries, it is very easy, for you as a student, to enter in the Erasmus family.

You will make good friends and learn about cultures from all over the world. The strongest advantage is that you can experience education in other parts of the world.

Our Living Proof

As a student of our faculty, Delia Beca, a 2nd year student at Business Administration. She was an Erasmus student in Prague, Czech Republic. Here is some feedback from her:

“It was a wonderful opportunity that enabled me to learn how to live without parents and be independent. I had an unforgettable experience, with incredible people. Through Erasmus, you make true friendships. Together with my new friends, I saw a different type of education that I truly admire. There are many reasons to participate in the Erasmus programme, such as the experiences you will gain and the friendships you will not forget.”


This blog post was developed by students at Business Administration study programme.

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