5 Reasons Why You Should Study Business Administration at Faculty of Economic Sciences ULBS

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That time of the year is coming – we know that you might be getting the same “Have you decided yet?” question repeatedly from your parents – we get it. There’s a lot of pressure on you. It’s your future we’re talking about. So if you’re still wondering which faculty and specialization are the right ones for you, then we are definitely here to help you out.

Here are 5 reasons why you should study Business Administration, our faculty’s most popular choice among students.

1. You will learn a little bit of everything

Throughout these 3 years of BA, you will attend classes and seminars which will help to diversify your general knowledge.

Examples can go from Marketing, Management and Business Law to Finance, Statistics and Taxation. Each of these subjects will definitely make a significant contribution to preparing you for the business world and, moreover, will develop your professional skills.

2. All subjects are taught in English

We are aware that English is a must-known language when it comes to not only creating or developing your business, but to getting hired at any job.

All courses and seminars will be taught in English and the most important outcome of this is that you will learn specific terms that will help you express yourself in a more professional matter, which again is a crucial skill that any businessman/businesswoman must have.

3. Teachers are way cooler than you might think

One of the most important things that every future student is looking for when researching about his/her future faculty are the teachers.

Teachers are the main representatives of any school – they impact your attendance, the way you learn and the way you remember 5 years from now everything that you have learned.

To put it in a simpler way: our teachers are cool. They are open-minded, they deliver interactive and practical courses and seminars, they are always focused on explaining with practical examples so that you will understand better and they create a relaxing educational environment for students and even make jokes!

Can you believe that? Neither did we, but you’ll find out yourself.

4. Projects that are meant for Students

Our faculty has a lot of projects with and for students. 2 very interesting examples are the following:

  • IECS Student Section (The International Economic Conference of Sibiu) where students can present and debate different topics about today’s economic issues and even attend workshops conducted by experts which will allow participants to achieve new competences.
  • CFA Institute Research Challenge, a competition held at a global level, that implies intensive financial analysis, report writing and presentation. University students will be tested by experts in finance, investments and research.

5. Lots of Opportunities

One of the best things of being a BA student is that you have a lot of opportunities coming your way and also all the support you need from our teachers in order to make your dreams come true.

Even if we’re talking about starting your business, getting a job, attending an internship or getting into an Erasmus programme – every goal that you set can be achieved by simply showing interest and asking for advice from our experienced people.

The rest will flow.

To sum everything up, studying Business Administration will develop your skills, provide insight of what happens behind the curtain of a business and deliver a lot of opportunities that will successfully shape your future career. The above reasons are just a glance of what is expecting you at Faculty of Economic Sciences ULBS.

Have you decided yet? Good. See you in October.


This blog post was developed by 5 fun students who live under the impression that they're actually fun.

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